Draughty Windows?

Have you planned for winter? If you have not already taken the precaution of making sure that your windows are draught proofed then you know that your home is not as warm and comfortable as it could be. Most homes lose around 20% of their heat via draughty windows.

If your heating bill is higher than this time last year it is certain to be higher again by this time next year.

Strong winds in winter highlight the importance of banishing draughty windows. So that you no longer find yourself sitting in an uncomfortable draught make certain that you keep the expensive heat you have paid for in your home and it is not leaving through those draughty windows.

You can save approximately approximately a fifth of your home’s heat by stopping escaping heat from doors and draughty windows by fitting secondary glazing.

Frightening Fuel Bills?

With the cost of UK gas and electricity soaring, reducing your heating bills may seem a bit of an uphill challenge.

More and more people are asking how to save money on heating, how to insulate the home, the reason for draughts in the home, how to save on heating costs, how to reduce heat loss in the home, office or factory, where to get cheaper fuel and reduce energy usage or how to cut fuel and heating bills.

A few simple steps can significantly reduce heating costs and generate significant savings whilst making your home or workplace more comfortable.

If you notice a draught, heat is escaping, forcing you to increase the heating to compensate. This wastes expensive gas, oil or electricity and the most common cause of draughts are poorly sealed windows. Whilst fitting draught excluders will reduce the effect to a degree, over 10% of the heat will still escape through the glass.

Replacement double glazing is an obvious option, but for many this is impractical due to cost or they are living or working in a rented or leasehold property and landlords are often reluctant to pay for the building to be double glazed. Permission to change the windows may be refused where the building is Listed, has a Preservation Order or is in a Conservation Area

The 1st Affordable Draughtproofing Guarantee

Secondary glazing is an economical alternative to double glazing where a new "secondary" window is installed on the inside of an existing window, which remains in place, and makes a significant contribution to saving energy and heating bills.

We guarantee to eliminate draughts through windows. There are no maintenance problems and best of all CHEAPER HEATING BILLS. Secondary glazing helps to create a thermal barrier and significantly reduces street noise.

Secondary glazing is unobtrusive, can be opening or fixed, and can be installed quickly and without the need for building works or redecoration.

Secondary glazing can be the ideal solution for Listed Buildings (subject to listing detail) or those in Conservation Areas where replacing existing windows is not a practical option. No planning consent required.

If you have draughty single glazed windows and want to significantly reduce your heating bills, if you suffer from noise from roads or aircraft, or if you want to improve your home security, secondary glazing offers a cheap and effective solution.

1st Affordable Secondary Glazing design, supply and fit quality, low cost secondary double glazing that will improve your home and quality of life.


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