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Secondary glazing is a proven and low cost solution to the problems of draughty windows, road noise, aircraft noise, train noise or any other obtrusive external sound that affects the peace and quiet you deserve in your home.

Unlike double glazing, with secondary glazing there is no messy building work and no planning permission is required.

Secondary glazing is less than half the price of double glazing. The fine profile frames mean that secondary glazing is unobtrusive and can be manufactured to suit any style of existing window.

Installation can be completed within hours so disruption is minimal. View our demo video and call us for a quotation - we do not use salesmen. 

What is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is an economical alternative to double glazing where a new "secondary" window is installed on the inside of an existing window, which remains in place.
Secondary glazing is unobtrusive, can be opening or fixed, and can be installed quickly and without the need for redecoration.

Secondary glazing can be the ideal solution for Listed Buildings (subject to listing detail) or those in Conservation Areas where replacing existing windows is not a practical option. No planning consent required.

If you have draughty single glazed windows and want to significantly reduce your heating bills, if you suffer from noise from roads or aircraft, or if you want to improve your home security, secondary glazing offers a cheap and effective solution.


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