Disturbed by Noise?

Is your peace and quiet disturbed by constant noise?

There are many common causes such as traffic, noisy roads, aircraft, trains, school playgrounds, building works, neighbours or maybe pub gardens.

Ill fitting windows not only allow draughts but do little to keep out noise.

Secondary glazing will not only significantly reduce the noise that is spoiling your quality of life, but it will also stop draughts and reduce your heating bills.

A win, win solution!

Secondary glazing is an economical alternative to double glazing where a new "secondary" window is installed on the inside of an existing window, which remains in place.

Secondary glazing is unobtrusive, can be opening or fixed, and can be installed quickly and without the need for redecoration.

Secondary glazing can be the ideal solution for Listed Buildings (subject to listing detail) or those in Conservation Areas where replacing existing windows is not a practical option. No planning consent required.

If you suffer from noise from roads or aircraft, secondary glazing offers a cheap and effective solution, with the added benefit of stopping draughts, significantly reducing your heating bills and improving your home's security.









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